IFRS – Updates

All the IFRS recent updates in one class

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are the world’s most widely applied accounting standards and are constantly evolving. This course will discuss the latest updates in IFRS resulting from the changing global economic, social, and technological scenarios.

Course Coverage:

This course covers the following updates:

  1. IFRS 16 – Lease assessment and modification issues and their implications arising after COVID-19.
  2. Updates to Sale & Lease Back under IFRS 16
  3. Reversal of Impairment Loss
  4. Business combinations under common control
  5. SaaS Accounting & its Configuration and customization costs
  6. Cash Received via Electronic Transfer as Settlement for a Financial Asset

Credit Hours

3 Hours

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Beginner to Expert

  • From Managers to CFOs / CEOs/ Partners wanting to enhance their skills and abilities to explain financial information to other stakeholders in the organization, clients, and team members

Date and Time:

  • This is a Three (3) hours online training
  • The session is scheduled on November 29, 3:45 PM (GMT+3)


Participants will receive a successful course completion certificate subject to completion of post training quiz and assignment. 


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Sana Quadri
Ms. Sana is an experienced process improvement & digital solution enthusiast & a finance professional who is an IFRS expert. She has worked with prestigious organizations in senior positions including in the role of Chief Financial Officer and remained associated with the financial services industry for over 12 years. She has worked on a wider array of projects and with major divisions throughout various sections of the financial services industry. Based on her extensive financial reporting, presentation, and IFRS implementation experience, she is also a trainer for IFRSs and Financial Storytelling techniques. Some of the companies whose professionals she has trained include: