IFRS – 16: Leases

In 2016, listed companies around the world had USD 3.3 trillion worth of leases.

The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) issued IFRS 16: Leases in 2016 effective for financial periods beginning on or after 1 January 2019 replacing the previous standard on lease arrangements IAS 17. The change has impacted over USD 3.3 trillion worth of assets around the world, and despite it becoming applicable for over two years now  with multiple  interpretations and commentaries available in the market, its application is a major trouble since the standard repealed the previous identification and recognition criterion of operating and finance leases. 

Course Coverage:

This course has been designed to provide step by step knowledge for application, implementation and maintenance of leases under IFRS-16 with examples for each and every concept/ situation covered. 

Starts with the basic knowledge and understanding of what were the reasons for replacing IAS 17 with IFRS 16 and how does the latter differs from the other. The course later takes a deep dive into the identification of leases, lease term and recognition, measurement, presentation and disclosure in the books of lessee and lessor. The course also covers “sub-lease” and “sale and lease back” arrangements in detail.

The course comprises of 7 modules with multiple exercises and quizzes at the end of each module.

At the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • identify, recognize, measure, present and disclose assets under IFRS-16
  • implement and incorporate IFRS-16 in all industries, particularly those impacted highly by the standard
  • comprehend the impact of termination, revision, cancellation and other modifications to leases
  • train and mentor your team on leases

Credit Hours

6 Hours

Delivery Channel



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Beginner to Expert

  • Accountants
  • Finance Managers
  • Valuators
  • Accounting Students
  • Business Analysts
  • Risk Managers

Date and Time:

  • This is a self-paced program available 24/7 on the LMS
  • One hour Q&A live classes with the subject matter expert twice a month. Unlimited Access available at all times.


Participants will receive a successful course completion certificate subject to completion of post training quiz and assignment. 


At the end of each Program we carry out a survey to ensure our participants receive the best of our services.


Ms. Sana Quadri is a Chartered Accountant who is an IFRS Expert with experience of implementing IFRS-15, IFRS-16 and IFRS-9. She has over 13 years of working experience with 10 years at senior management positions in the financial services industry, including, microfinance bank, asset management, private equity, investment advisory and stock brokerage house. She is also an Edtechprenuer brining technology and emotional intelligence to fast forward career progress.



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