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Ed-watch helps bring order and success to huge data requirements by helping professionals prepare for the current and future challenges related to big data, IT security, risk, and finance.

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We always need a good assessment of our Emotional Intelligence and good advice from a certified Trainer, no matter what career level we are at. 
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Mental Strength Programs

Learn about stress, emotional intelligence & various mind boggling hurdles in your success. Improve your soft skills with our trainers or talk to our psychologists.

Learning with Professional Trainers

Don’t wait for others to drive you to your next move and get the kind of training you need to excel in your career with our professional trainers and guides.

Business & Economic Forum

Learn from experts what’s the next big thing that matters the most, talk to them and know how your world is changing and what you can do about it before its too late.

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Control your learning pattern

Our self paced online learning helps you choose when, where and how you learn the skill you're eager to develop.

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Our Trainers and Consultants are one of the Best in their fields with proven record of Excellence.

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Our course completion certificates are based on critical assessment criterion that enhances its credibility.

Featured Online Sessions

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MS Excel Tips & Tricks

Rahim Damani, Microsoft Certified Trainer conducted a certificate course titled MS Excel: Tips & Tricks for Pro’s. Over 400 participants registered for the session from 28 countries around the world. In this video he explains difference between Command and Function.

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Impact of Digitalization on the Financial Practices

Ed Watch conducted a live session for Chartered Accountants with ICAP Representatives in KSA in December 2020 discussing “Impact of Digitalization on Financial Practices”. Here’s a clip from the session where our Trainer Nabeel Shaikh is explaining how Blockchain works

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Global credit risk

Syed Faraz Anwer, PwC Pakistan’s Consulting Practice partner for over 12 years now conducted a very insightful session explaining the various impacts of COVID 19 on global credit risk and the daunting challenges brought about under IFRS9.

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Ed-Watch sees a future where there are newer professions every few months and there’s even more competition every single day. Experts suggest that college/university degrees are going to be of less value than the skills acquired through good training and practice. 

Many of us will lose our traditional jobs; COVID19 is one of a shocker example. Those of us currently working desperately need skills to upgrade ourselves to perform better, to learn something new to be able to switch to a better job or get to a better position or earn a little extra. As for kids in their schools, they need to get themselves ready now for the future ahead.

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